Amanda Hooley (Nelsonfamilyarchives)

Amanda Hooley is a Artist, photographer, and Archivist. My Passion for digitally archiving and restoring my family's 100+ years of photos and discovering the stories that go with then. Was inspired by my Grandfather's (Dale Nelson) death, he was our families greatest story teller and "the one who remembers". He was also one of two family members left in his family in that generation and his death made me stop and ask myself: " Now who will be the one who remembers?" For me there was no other, or better answer then:
"I will be the one who remembers!"
So began my personal mission, my quest and to find and digitally preserve and share my family's photographic legacy. Little did I know that I would find how deep the love of photography ran in my blood starting with my Great-grand parents Nels & Stella Nelson. Who as early as 1918 were photographing their lives and adventures. Ranging from the giant haystacks of rural Columbus, Nebraska in the 19teens to the streets of Europe in the 1960's. The Nelson family photos have taken me on an adventure that has been my delight to continue to discover!